Sunset Overdrive: Trofei di gioco rivelati

Sunset Overdrive uscirà il 28 ottobre, oggi online abbiamo reperito la lista di tutti i Trofei di gioco.

Sunset Overdrive trofei

La lista dei trofei di Sunset Overdrive è stata pubblicata online sul sito del gioco.

I trofei che dovranno essere conquistati dagli utenti durante il gioco sono 64 e hanno un valore totale di 1,000 Gamerscore.

Ecco la lista di tutti i trofei:

  1. Orange Soda – 5,000 OD’d Massacred (15G)
  2. Perfection – Complete an optional Night Defense without losing any of your Overcharge (10G)
  3. The Floor is Lava – Chain together 100 traversal moves without stopping or touching the ground (10G)
  4. Stylish Kills – Kill 500 enemies while at Style Level 3 (5G)
  5. Let Me Count the Ways – Burn, Shock, Freeze, or Enrage 1000 enemies (5G)
  6. Favorite – Upgrade one of your guns to Level 5 (10G)
  7. Many Favorites – Upgrade 10 guns to Level 5 (30G)
  8. I Like Them All – Upgrade 20 guns to Level 5 (30G)
  9. Amped Up – Equip five AMPs on your character at the same time (10G)
  10. Over-Amped – Earn an Amp upgrade in Chaos Squad (5G)
  11. Badge – Earn a badge (20G)
  12. Who is Sending These? – Loot 25 emergency supply drops (10G)
  13. Can’t Commit – Equip one piece of clothing from each Faction at the same time (5G)
  14. The 0.1% – Spend at least 25,000 Overcharge (10G)
  15. Overachiever – You earned an achievement (10G)
  16. Appreciation – Watch the credits all the way through (5G)
  17. Oh the Horror! – Survive Horror Night (30G)
  18. Dusk Til Dawn – Survive one night at your Fort (30G)
  19. Buck National – Become a reality TV star (20G)
  20. Plan B – Survive the glider crash and look for another way out of Sunset City (35G)
  21. That Balloon – You killed a balloon – (20G)
  22. Scout’s Honor – Become an honorary Troop Member by finding Bryllcream and defeating Norton (35G)
  23. Ultra Mega Kill – That was a lot of pigeons (20G)
  24. Save Everyone – Save Sunset City from Fizzco’s second-most powerful robot (35G)
  25. Excalibro – You forged the mythical Excalamune (20G)
  26. This is My City Now – You beat the final Fizzco corporate machine (50G)
  27. Not So Secret Ingredient – Get to the bottom of Fizzco’s corporate secrets (25G)
  28. Roleplay While Roleplaying – Reach Level 99 in Ignatius’ epic RPG campaign (10G)
  29. Vat Pack Rat – Upgrade the Overcharge vats at every Fort (20G)
  30. Ultimate Collection – Liberate all the comic books for the comic BOOK collector (20G)
  31. Defender of the Realm – Clear Fargarthia of a hidden evil (20G)
  32. Revolutionary – Take back Sunset City for the misfit survivors (20G)
  33. Equal Opportunity – Complete a quest from every faction (15G)
  34. A Challenger Appears – Complete 10 challenges with at least a bronze rating (10G)
  35. Second Place – Complete 30 challenges with at least a silver rating (10G)
  36. The Champion – Complete 50 challenges with a gold rating (10G)
  37. Chaos in the Old Factory – Survive Chaos Squad in the Old Factory District with at least 150 Chaos (25G)
  38. Chaos in Little Tokyo – Survive Chaos Squad in Little Tokyo District with at least 325 Chaos (25G)
  39. Chaos in the Harbor District – Survive Chaos Squad in the Harbor District with at least 750 Chaos (25G)
  40. Chaos in Downtown – Survive Chaos Squad in Downtown District with at least 1625 Chaos (25G)
  41. Orange Soda II – 15,000 OD’d massacred (15G)
  42. Grind Kills – Kill 100 enemies while grinding (5G)
  43. Bounce Kills – Kill 100 enemies while bouncing or while in the air (5G)
  44. Trap Kills – Kill 500 enemies with traps (5G)
  45. Flung to Safety – Kill 100 enemies by flinging them into danger using the Springboard Trap (5G)
  46. Grind Melee – Melee 50 enemies while grinding (5G)
  47. Out of Stock – Destroy 250 Overcharge XT vending machines (10G)
  48. Crash Landing – Destroy 25 Fizzco Blimps just because you can (10G)
  49. Overdrive – Unlock an Overdrive (20G)
  50. More Overdrive – Unlock at least one Rank 4 Overdrive (30G)
  51. Intel – Collect all 40 Smartphones (10G)
  52. Explorer – Find all 20 secret sightseeing locations in Sunset City (10G)
  53. Big Brother – Destroy all 150 Fizzco SECURITY CAMERAS (10G)
  54. Wire Tapping – Eavesdrop on nine conversations by hacking into satellites (10G)
  55. It’s Art, Ok? – Deface 40 billboards with graffiti (10G)
  56. Shoe Closet – Collect all 150 shoes hanging from wires (10G)
  57. Going to Need a Bigger Closet – Collect 250 fashion items (10G)
  58. I Should Get Paid for This – Beat Insomniac QA’s high score of 534,080 on the Challenge “Buck’s Revenge” (25G)
  59. Replay – Replay any Mission and complete it under par (5G)
  60. Not the Boss of Me – Replay the final mission and defeat the boss under par (5G)
  61. What’s Your Sign? – Collect all 150 Overcharge hologram signs (10G)
  62. Hot Air – Collect all 150 Fizzie balloons (10G)
  63. Litter – Collect all 150 scraps of toilet paper (10G)
  64. Mixology 101 – Collect 20 Amps from Floyd (10G)



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