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Tutti i giochi esclusivi Wii U

Quanto sono i giochi in esclusiva per Wii U? Li raccogliamo tutti in questo nostro elenco che raccoglie i giochi usciti e venturi.

Nei suoi quasi due anni di vita, Wii U è riuscita a racimolare un ampio catalogo di giochi, e molti di loro sono esclusivi. Vi riportiamo un elenco che raccoglie tutte le esclusive Wii U e ve la riproponiamo per fare chiarezza su quanti giochi esclusivi vi aspettano su Wii U.

Wii U

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NOTA BENE: Prima di cominciare con l’elenco di tutti i giochi esclusivi di Wii U, dobbiamo chiarire che nell’elenco sono raccolti tutti i giochi già usciti e tutti quelli che sono stati già annunciati ad oggi. Inoltre, bisogna specificare anche che questo elenco parla di soli esclusivi per la console, quindi troverete videogiochi che hanno visto o vedranno la luce anche su PC. Infine, vogliamo anche puntualizzare che sono inclusi anche i giochi con esclusività temporanea su Wii U e che arriveranno poi anche su altre piattaforme.

Chiariti questi punti, andiamo con l’elenco completo di tutti i giochi in esclusiva Wii U in ordine alfabetico.

Titolo Esclusiva Genere Europa
39 Days to Mars Console Puzzle, action 2015
The 90’s Arcade Racer Console Racing 2015
99Moves Console Action Dic 18, 2014
99Seconds Console Action Ott 2, 2014
Abyss Console Adventure Mag 8, 2014
Acro Storm Console Racing TBA
Adventure Thru 8-Bit Land Yes Platform 2015
Affordable Space Adventures Yes Adventure, puzzle Apr 9, 2015
Agriduel: Rise of Power – Gold Edition Yes Action-adventure, role-playing TBA
Alphadia Genesis Console JRPG Feb 5, 2015
Angry Bunnies: Colossal Carrot Crusade Console Puzzle Set 25, 2014
Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival Yes Party Nov 20, 2015
A.N.N.E Console Adventure, RPG 2015
Antipole DX Console Run ‘n’ gun 2015 Q3
Aperion Cyberstorm Timed Shoot ‘em up 2015 Q2
Apexicon: Fantasy Puzzle Combat Console Puzzle RPG TBA
Arc Style: Baseball! SP Yes Sports Unreleased
Armillo Yes Puzzle, platform Lug 3, 2014
Arrow Time U Yes Puzzle Unreleased
Art of Balance Yes Puzzle, strategy Set 25, 2014
Ascent of Kings Console Action-adventure, platformer Dic 17, 2015
Asteroid Quarry Yes Action-adventure TBA
Astral Breakers Console Puzzle TBA
Ava and Avior Save the Earth Console Education, adventure, puzzle Unreleased
bAll or Nothing Yes Platform TBA
Ballpoint Universe: Infinite Console Action-adventure, shoot ‘em up Unreleased
Barbie: Dreamhouse Party Console Party Nov 22, 2013
Bayonetta 2 Yes Action, hack and slash Ott 24, 2014
Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians Console Platform, music Ago 5, 2015
Bizerta: Silent Evil Yes Survival horror TBA
Blek Console Puzzle Feb 12, 2015
Blocky Bot Yes Platform Lug 23, 2015
Blok Drop U Yes Puzzle Giu 26, 2014
Blok Drop X Twisted Fusion Yes Puzzle Mar 5, 2015
Blue Moon Yes Adventure Unreleased
Brave Tank Hero Console Action Set 24, 2015
Breezeblox Yes Puzzle TBA
BrickBlast U! Yes Puzzle Unreleased
Cake Ninja 3: The Legend Continues Yes Arcade Dic 4, 2014
Candle Console Adventure TBA
Canvaleon Yes Platform, stealth Lug 23, 2015
Captain Quack: I Pity the Stool Yes Platform TBA
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Yes Platform, puzzle Gen 2, 2015
Castles Console Action puzzle 2016 Q1
Cedar Acres Yes Life simulation TBA
ChariSou Ultra DX: Sekai Tour Yes Action Unreleased
Chasing Aurora Yes Multiplayer, Action Nov 30, 2012
Chests o’ Booty Console Puzzle, strategy TBA
Chimpuzzle Pro Yes Puzzle Set 18, 2014
Chompy Chomp Chomp Party Yes Party 2015
Christmas of Rocket Penguin Yes Action Unreleased
Chubbins Console Platform Unreleased
Coaster Crazy Deluxe Yes Simulation Nov 21, 2013
Cocoto Magic Circus 2 Yes First-person shooter Dic 26, 2013
Color Bombs Yes Action Unreleased
Color Zen Console Puzzle Mag 22, 2014
Color Zen Kids Console Puzzle Giu 19, 2014
Cosmic Highway Yes 2015
Crab Cakes Rescue Console Puzzle Unreleased
The Croods: Prehistoric Party! Console Party Mar 19, 2013
CrossCode Console TBA
Crypt Run: Death Is Just the Beginning Console TBA
Cube Blitz Yes Puzzle TBA
Cube Life: Island Survival Yes Sandbox Giu 25, 2015
Cubemen 2 Console Real-time strategy, tower defense Set 4, 2014
Cutie Pets Pick Berries Yes Puzzle Unreleased
Cutie Pets Jump Rope Yes Sports Unreleased
D.M.L.C. Death Match Love Comedy Console Dating sim Unreleased
Dare Up Adrenaline Console Sports TBA
Darts Up Yes Sports Set 18, 2014
Days of Dawn Console 2015
Defense Dome Yes TBA
Devil’s Third Console First-person shooter, hack and slash Ago 28, 2015
Dolphin Up Console Sports, Racing TBA
Don’t Crash Yes Racing Unreleased
Don’t Touch Anything Red Yes Party TBA
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Yes Platform Feb 21, 2014
Doodle Dash Yes Art, party TBA
Dot Arcade Yes Arcade TBA
Dr. Luigi Yes Puzzle Gen 15, 2014
Dragon Quest X: Inishie no Ryū no Denshū Online Console MMORPG Unreleased
Dragon Quest X: Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku Online Timed MMORPG Unreleased
Dusty Raging Fist Yes 2015
Dying is Dangerous Yes Q1 2016
Edge Console Puzzle Nov 21, 2013
Electronic Super Joy Timed Platform Nov 5, 2015
Electronic Super Joy: Groove City Console Platform TBA
Elliot Quest Console Action-adventure, role-playing Apr 16, 2015
Elodia: Book 1: Infection Yes Visual novel TBA
Endless Golf Yes Sports TBA
Escape from Flare Industries Yes Action, puzzle-platformer Unreleased
ESPN Sports Connection Yes Sports Nov 30, 2012
Evofish Console Party Feb 27, 2014
Ex Oblivione Yes Action RPG, survival horror TBA
Explody Bomb Yes Action Unreleased
Factotum Yes Puzzle TBA
Fade into Darkness Yes TBA
Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade Yes Party Nov 30, 2012
Family Tennis SP Yes Sports Gen 15, 2015
Fast Racing Neo Yes Racing Dic 10, 2015
Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water Yes Survival horror Ott 30, 2015
Fit Music for Wii U Yes Fitness Mag 15, 2014
Flapp & Zegeta Yes Arcade TBA
Flowerworks HD: Follie’s Adventure Console Adventure, RPG, Puzzle, Action Lug 3, 2014
Forbidden Sanctity Console TBA
Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities Console Survival horror 2015
Frederic: Resurrection of Music Console Music Unreleased
Freedom Planet Console Platform-adventure Ott 29, 2015
FreezeME Console Platform TBA
Frenchy Bird Yes Action, arcade Feb 5, 2015
Frozen State Console Survival TBA
Fujiko F. Fujio Characters: Daishuugou! SF Dotabata Party! Console Party Unreleased
Funky Barn Console Simulation Nov 30, 2012
Funky Physics Yes Physics Unreleased
Gaiabreaker Yes Shoot ‘em up Lug 17, 2014
Game & Wario Yes Party Giu 28, 2013
Game Party Champions Yes Party Nov 30, 2012
Gears Console Platform, puzzle 2015
Gem Break Yes TBA
Gemology Yes TBA
Genei Ibun Roku #FE Yes RPG 2016
GEOM Yes Puzzle Unreleased
Get Close Yes Party TBA
Ghost Song Console TBA
The Girl and the Robot Console 2015
Gotouchi Tetsudou: Gotouchi Kyara to Nihon Zenkoku no Tabi Console Board game Unreleased
GravBlocks+ Yes Puzzle TBA
Gravity Badgers Console Action, Arcade, Puzzle Mag 29, 2014
Gunman Clive HD Collection Console Action, side-scrolling Set 3, 2015
Gunpop Yes TBA
The Hand of Panda Console TBA
Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories Console Simulation 2015 Q4
Hazewalker Console Action-adventure, platform-adventure TBA
Hello Kitty Kruisers Yes Racing Unreleased
Heptrix Console Puzzle TBA
Heroes, Help! Yes Action-adventure 2016 Q1
Heroes Never Lose: Professor Puzzler’s Perplexing Ploy Console Action puzzle, fighting TBA
Hex Heroes Console Real-time strategy, party 2016
High Strangeness Console Action-adventure Mag 28, 2015
Hive Jump Console Platform, Shooter 2016 Q1
Hold Your Fire: A Game About Responsibility Yes Shoot ‘em up Unreleased
Human Resource Machine Console Puzzle Dic 3, 2015
Hyrule Warriors Yes Action, hack and slash Set 19, 2014
I’ve Got to Run! Yes Platform Unreleased
Ice Cream Surfer Console Action, shoot ‘em up Lug 31, 2014
Imagine Me Console 2015
Insanity’s Blade Console TBA
Internal Invasion Yes Puzzle, strategy 2015
IQ Test Yes Puzzle, strategy Unreleased
IslaBomba Yes Puzzle, platform TBA
Ittle Dew Console Action-adventure Nov 27, 2014
Jett Tailfin Console Racing Ott 30, 2014
Journey of a Special Average Balloon Yes Action TBA
Just Dance Wii U Yes Rhythm Unreleased
Kemono Dash Console Racing Unreleased
Keytari: 8-bit Music Maker Yes Music TBA
Kiki’s Koi-Koi Console Hanafuda TBA
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Yes Platform Mag 8, 2015
Knite & the Ghost Lights Console TBA
The Legend of Zelda (tentative title) Yes Action-adventure 2016
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Yes Action-adventure Mar 4, 2016
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Yes Action-adventure Ott 4, 2013
Legends of Valtria Console On-rails shooter TBA
Lego City Undercover Yes Action-adventure Mar 28, 2013
The Letter Yes Adventure Unreleased
Life of Pixel Console Action platformer Ago 27, 2015
Lost Reavers Yes Action TBA
Lovely Planet Console First-person shooter TBA
Lucadian Chronicles Console Strategy TBA
Lucentrek – Activate Console Action, Adventure Unreleased
Luv Me Buddies Wonderland Console Party Giu 26, 2014
Mad Men Football Yes Sports TBA
Manabi Getto! Yes Educational Unreleased
ManderZ Quest Yes Platform TBA
March of War Console TBA
Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Yes Sports 2016
Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games Yes Sports Nov 8, 2013
Mario Kart 8 Yes Racing Mag 30, 2014
Mario Party 10 Yes Party Mar 20, 2015
Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Yes Sports Nov 20, 2015
Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars Console Puzzle Mar 20, 2015[b]
Mars Harpoon Console Platform-adventure 2015
Master Reboot Console Graphic adventure, survival horror Lug 24, 2014
Maze Yes Adventure, puzzle TBA
Meine Ersten Mitsing-Lieder Yes Music Nov 10, 2014
Midnight Yes Platform TBA
Midtown Crazy Race Console Racing Lug 31, 2014
Mighty Switch Force!: Hyper Drive Edition Console Platform, puzzle Dic 6, 2012
Mighty Switch Force! 2 Console Platform, puzzle Ott 24, 2013
Mind Labyrinth Console Puzzle 2015
Minna de Uchū Tour: ChariSou DX 2 Yes Action Unreleased
Momonga Pinball Adventures Console Pinball Ott 15, 2015
Mon Premier Karaoké Yes Music Set 18, 2014
Monkey Pirates Console Party Giu 19, 2014
Monster High: 13 Wishes Console Action Nov 22, 2013
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Console Action RPG Mar 22, 2013
Mutant Mudds Super Challenge Console Platform 2016 Q1
My Arctic Farm Yes Simulation Unreleased
My Exotic Farm Yes Simulation Apr 17, 2014
My Farm Yes Simulation Feb 6, 2014
My First Songs Console Music Giu 12, 2014
My Jurassic Farm Yes Simulation Unreleased
My Style Studio: Hair Salon Console Simulation Ott 23, 2014
The Mysterious Cities of Gold: Secret Paths Console Puzzle, stealth Nov 21, 2013
Nefarious Console Action platformer 2015 Q3
Neon Battle Yes Sports TBA
NES Remix Yes
Action Famicom RemixJP Nintendo EAD, indieszero Dic 18, 2013
NES Remix 2 Yes
Action Famicom Remix 2JP Nintendo EAD, indieszero Apr 25, 2014
NES Remix Pack Yes
Action Famicom Remix 1+2JP Nintendo EAD, indieszero Dic 5, 2014
New Super Luigi U Yes Platform Giu 20, 2013
New Super Mario Bros. U Yes Platform Nov 30, 2012
The Next Penelope Console Racing, shooter 2015
Nihilumbra Console Puzzle, platform Mag 14, 2015
Ninja Strike: Dangerous Dash Console Platform Nov 19, 2015
Nintendo Land Yes Party Nov 30, 2012
Okiraku Tennis SP Yes Sports Unreleased
Once Bitten, Twice Dead Console Survival horror TBA
Ostrich Island Console TBA
Othello Yes Board game Unreleased
Paper Monsters Recut Console Platform Nov 13, 2014
Paradise Lost: First Contact Console Stealth 2016
Penguins of Madagascar Console Action Nov 28, 2014
Percy’s Predicament Yes Platform Unreleased
Perpetual Blast Yes Action Unreleased
PictoParty Yes Party 2015 Q4
Pikmin 3 Yes Real-time strategy Lug 26, 2013
Ping 2 Console TBA
PitterPot Yes Action platformer TBA
Pixel Paint Yes Art Unreleased
Pixel Slime U Yes Platform TBA
PixlCross Console Puzzle TBA
Planes Console Action, Adventure Ago 16, 2013
Planes: Fire & Rescue Console Action Nov 7, 2014
Plenty of Fishies Yes Action Unreleased
Pokémon Rumble U Yes Action RPG, beat ‘em up Ago 15, 2013
Poker Dice Solitaire Future Yes Apr 16, 2015
Pokkén Tournament Console Fighting 2016 Q2
PoliceBrutality Yes TBA
Project Aguraki Yes TBA
Project Colour Park (working title) Yes Racing, rhythm TBA
Project Giant Robot (tentative title) Yes Fighting TBA
Project Guard (tentative title) Yes Tower defense 2016
Project Light Yes Role-playing video game TBA
Project Y2K Console TBA
Psyscrolr Yes Platform TBA
Pushmo World Yes Puzzle Giu 19, 2014
Puzzle Monkeys Yes Puzzle Feb 19, 2015
Quadcopter Pilot Challenge Yes Flight simulator TBA
The Quiet Collection Timed Adventure Set 24, 2015
Rabbids Land Yes Party Nov 30, 2012
Rakoo & Friends Console Party Ott 15, 2015
Rapala Pro Bass Fishing Yes Simulation Unreleased
The Rivers of Alice: Extended Version Console Adventure Set 24, 2015
Rock ‘n Racing Off Road Yes Racing Gen 29, 2015
Rock ‘n Racing Off Road DX Yes Racing Set 24, 2015
Rodea the Sky Soldier Console Action Nov 13, 2015
Roving Rogue Console Lug 2, 2015
Runbow Yes Platform, racing Set 3, 2015
Rush Console Puzzle, platform Dic 12, 2013
RymdResa Console TBA
Rynn’s Adventure: Trouble in the Enchanted Forest Console Platform 2015 Q4
Sanatory Hallways Yes Ago 6, 2015
Santa Factory Yes Puzzle platformer TBA
Scrap Yes TBA
Scribblenauts Unlimited Console Puzzle, action Dic 6, 2013
Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure Console Puzzle, action Ago 25, 2013
Severed Console 2015
Shadow Puppeteer Console Puzzle, adventure TBA
Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse Console Action-adventure Feb 5, 2015
Shapes of Gray Console Action 2015 Q2
Shiny the Firefly Console Puzzle Nov 27, 2014
Shut the Box Yes Puzzle, strategy Apr 16, 2015
Simple DL Series for Wii U Vol. 1: The Escape Trick Yes Point-and-click adventure Unreleased
Simple DL Series for Wii U Vol. 2: The Escape Trick Yes Point-and-click adventure Unreleased
Sing Party Yes Music Gen 18, 2013
Six Miles Under Console Beat ‘em up 2016
Snake Den Console Arcade Unreleased
Solitaire Dungeon Escape Console Card game TBA
Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Yes Action-adventure Nov 21, 2014
Sonic Lost World Console Action-adventure, platform Ott 18, 2013
Soon Shine Console Action, Puzzle Unreleased
Space Hulk Console Turn-based tactics TBA
Space Pioneer Console Simulation TBA
Spikey Walls Yes 2015 Q2
Spin the Bottle: Bumpie’s Party Yes Party Ago 8, 2013
Splatoon Yes Third-person shooter Mag 29, 2015
Sportsball Yes Sports TBA
Spot the Differences! Party Yes Puzzle Set 5, 2013
Star Fox Zero Yes Shoot ‘em up Apr 2016
Star Sky Console Adventure Set 10, 2015
Stone Shire Yes Sandbox Ago 27, 2015
The Stonecutter Yes Visual novel TBA
Super Comboman Console TBA
Super Doomed’n Damned Console Action, platform 2015
Super Mario 3D World Yes Platform Nov 29, 2013
Super Mario Maker Yes Level editor, platform Set 11, 2015
Super Robo Mouse Yes TBA
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Yes Fighting Nov 28, 2014
Super Ubie Island Console Platform 2015
Sword ‘n’ Board Console TBA
Swords & Soldiers II Yes Real-time strategy Mag 21, 2015
Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death Console Adventure, puzzle platformer 2016 Q1/Q2
Sync Yes 2015
Tachyon Project Yes Twin-stick shooter 2015
Taiko no Tatsujin: Atsumete Tomodachi Daisakusen! Yes Rhythm Unreleased
Talismatch Yes Puzzle TBA
Tank SP Console Action Unreleased
Tank! Tank! Tank! Yes Action Nov 30, 2012
Tasukete Tako-San: Save me Mr Tako Console Platform TBA
Team Notion Console TBA
Temple of Yog Yes Roguelike, adventure Gen 7, 2016
Tengami Console Point-and-click adventure Nov 13, 2014
Terra Incognita – Chapter One: The Descendant Console RPG TBA
Tetrobot and Co. Console Puzzle Ott 30, 2014
Tilelicious: Delicious Tiles Console Puzzle TBA
Tiny Galaxy! Yes Platform TBA
Tiny Thief Console Point-and-click adventure Unreleased
Togabito no Senritsu Yes Unreleased
Toki Tori 2+ Timed Platform, puzzle Apr 4, 2013
Tomeling Yes RPG 2015
Tomeling in Trouble Console Infinite runner TBA
Toon Tanks Yes Action TBA
Toss n Go Yes Strategy Apr 16, 2015
Totem Topple Yes Tower defense Nov 19, 2015
Touch Battle Tank SP Console Action, Shoot ‘em up Unreleased
Transformers: Prime – The Game Console Beat ‘em up Nov 30, 2012
Triboo Console TBA
Tri-Strip Yes Puzzle TBA
Turtle Tale Console Platform Ott 9, 2014
Twisted Fusion Yes Platform 2015
Typoman Yes Platform, puzzle Nov 19, 2015
U Host Yes Trivia TBA
UCraft Yes Sandbox 2015
Underground Yes Adventure, puzzle Gen 8, 2015
Unepic Timed Platform, RPG Gen 23, 2014
The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup Console 2015
Up Up Ubie Remix Console TBA
uWordsmith Yes Puzzle TBA
Vector Assault Yes Shoot ‘em up TBA
Velocity Stream Console Racing TBA
Victoria: Blood of the Garou Console Action game, platform 2015
VoxelMaker Console Graphic art Dic 10, 2015
Wicked Monsters Blast! HD Plus Yes Party, shooter Ott 15, 2015
Wii Fit U Yes Fitness Dic 13, 2013
Wii Party U Yes Party Ott 25, 2013
Wii Sports Club Yes Sports Nov 7, 2013
A Wizard’s Lizard Console Action RPG TBA
The Wonderful 101 Yes Action Ago 23, 2013
Wooden Sen’SeY Console Action, platform Lug 24, 2014
Woodle Tree Adventures Console Platform TBA
Word Party Yes Party Nov 12, 2015
Word Search by POWGI Yes Puzzle Apr 16, 2015
Xavier Console Platform Unreleased
Xenoblade Chronicles X Yes Action RPG Dic 4, 2015
XType Plus Console Shoot ‘em up Lug 31, 2014
Yakuman Hō-ō Yes Board game Unreleased
Year Walk Console Adventure Set 17, 2015
Yo-Kai Watch Dance: Just Dance Special Version Yes Rhythm Unreleased
Yoshi’s Woolly World Yes Platform Giu 26, 2015
Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013 Yes Fitness Nov 30, 2012
ZaciSa’s Last Stand Yes Tower defense Ago 20, 2015
Zombie Defense Yes Tower defense Set 3, 2015


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